"Our mission is to bring the flavor of the best coffee and the best service to all our clients administering coffee brands that expand because of their efficiency"
The brand Caffècel was created in the year of 1994 in Portugal by four entrepreneurs. The goal of Caffècel is to offer a local brand with high quality blends and a distinctive service close to their clients. For that, rapid expansion and recognition in the whole country has been reached. Currently, Caffècel is operating in 10 countries with perspective to expand into new markets.


The NewCoffee Co. Group is currently one of the main operators in the coffee market in Portugal. Specialized in the development and commercialization of high quality blends, and with acquisitions of small and medium companies: Sanzala in December of 2007, Caffècel in June 2008 and Lavazza in November 2008, Bogani and Caféeira in October 2009, it became one of the strongest companies in the national market and in the preference patterns of the consumers.